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Whiskey Me Away

September 10, 2021, while attending the American Whiskey Convention at the Independence Seaport Museum in Philadelphia, PA, as a vendor, I was asked by a few attendees, why as a travel agency are you attending a whiskey convention. "Funny you should ask, I am a Certified Bourbon Steward, and my agency also focuses on food and beverage tourism. Have you traveled for your whiskey interests throughout the United States visiting area distilleries, or perhaps the Kentucky Bourbon Trail? Yes, I have.....ohhhh I get it, nice to meet you. What other types of beverage related travel do you do".

By participating in community events, such as the American Whiskey Convention, I am able to talk one-on-one with attendees not only with an interest in a particular product or service, but why they would travel for it. This builds a better bond, making travel personal again. Food and beverage are a centric part of any travel experience. and your own interests are the focal point of cultivating just the right travel experience you deserve.

A grand tasting event of over 250 whiskeys and bourbons, that is what the convention brings you. A quote from the American Whiskey Convention website reads: “My favorite part of the event is getting to taste the whiskey, and then a few booths over, meet the farmer who grew the corn! It’s so great to taste these amazing whiskeys and meet the people behind it.”

The Delaware Valley Fields Foundation, whom organizes the American Whiskey Convention, states "Our approach is simple. We strive to educate the general public about the issues facing small farming. We host events with broad appeal and incorporate local farming topics into the events. Our goal is to help people reconnect to the farming community and realize its importance to our region as a whole."

This is what Culinary Tourism is all about, and why I love being a small part of it. My mission is to create change through travel by disrupting old perspectives and creating a bigger impact locally helping destinations to realize its full potential with food and beverage tourism.

More and more travelers are wanting to stay closer to home, to have more intimate experiences whether it be a local bed and breakfast, winery, new restaurant, a new attraction or event. Most aren't even aware of what is in their own "backyard".

​Showcasing traditional foods and locally produced products and how these can be incorporated into the overall tourist experience through customized events allows me to preserve and promote culinary cultures through hospitality and tourism, create unique travel packages and tours while helping clients understand how food relates to culture.

My A Seat At The Table Interviews are a portrait of our small business owners, their character, the character of their business and what motivates them to provide quality services. ​​I feel blessed to have the opportunity to learn about their life, their mission and how I can help support them through travel.

Raising a glass in support of our community and businesses, Cheers!

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