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Spirit Savvy: Whiskey Tasting FAQs

Sip, Savor, and Satisfy Your Curiosity! Explore a few Bourbon Eventure FAQs for swift solutions to make your whiskey experience smoother

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Are you insured?

Yes. Bourbon Eventure is covered by both Liquor Liability and General Liability Insurance.

Are you certified?

Yes. Carol Berger, Owner of Bourbon Eventure is both a Certified Bourbon Steward and RAMP Certified

Do you check ID's of event guests, private or public?

Yes. Bourbon Eventure has the right to ask guests for identification showing they are of legal age to drink. Serving minors is illegal and is taken very seriously by the law and by Bourbon Eventure.

Can you refuse service to a guest?

Yes. Bourbon Eventure reserves the right to not serve, or stop serving any guest who is visibly intoxicated or cannot verify legal drinking age. Safety of all guests and of Bourbon Eventure staff is a #1 priority.

Do you supply the alcohol for private or public events?

No. Bourbon Eventure is a "dry hire" service. Due to most state laws, Bourbon Eventure is a "dry hire" service which means the customer, venue and/or caterer will be responsible for purchasing alcohol for the event as recommended by Certified Bourbon Steward and Owner, Carol Berger. 

If you don't provide the alcohol, then what do you provide?

As a Certified Bourbon Steward and Owner of Bourbon Eventure, Carol Berger provides a "sip of knowledge" to guide you and your guests through the flavors and aromas of craft spirits alone or paired to compliment, contrast or elevate your menu to savor the finest flavors in town.  

Full package options are provided at time of consultation

Do you provide full-size pours of whiskey neat, on the rocks or in cocktails?

No. Bourbon Eventure pours sample sizes only for an elevated tasting and pairing experience. Guests who enjoy what they have sampled and would like a full size pour neat, on the rocks or in a cocktail will need to see the customer, venue and/or caterer's bartending service and/or mobile bar staff. Full-size pours will not be provided. 

How far will you travel?

Up to 20 miles from Southampton, PA area is included, after 20 miles, cost will be $2 per mile, each way

Do you handle the trash after the event?

No, I don't. The customer will be responsible for disposing of all trash.

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