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Whiskey and cheese, yes please!

On 10/20/23 together alongside, Julia,  a passionate cheese connoisseur, Carol Berger, Owner, Bourbon Eventure, guided guests through the transformation of sweet, spicy, smoky and nutty notes in whiskey as they interact with the creaminess, sharpness, and earthiness of carefully selected cheese.

Julia Birnbaum, Founder of The Philly Cheese School says "for me, cheese is a magical food which connects flavor to tradition and science and so much more. My favorite thing about cheese is its ability to tell a story and bring people together. Philly Cheese School was born out of my love of sharing these stories with my community. My goal here is to educate cheese lovers from near and far on this endlessly fascinating and delicious topic which I've dedicated my career to"

I can't say enough about Julia! Her explosive personality kept guests laughing and highly engaged, and I am so excited to collaborate with her again on future events. She did an amazing job pairing the cheese selections with the whiskey profiles I provided her along with suggested pairings. The favorite of the evening was the Woodford Reserve and Midnight Moon!

We started the evening off with the 1675 Spirits Bourbon as a welcome taste when guests arrived to spotlight our local distilleries and a comparison of the profiles of a local whiskey and the progression into the additional tastings for the evening.


Knappogue Castle & Mimolette: Cow, France

Woodford Reserve & Midnight Moon: Goat, Netherlands

Michter's Rye & Barely Buzzed: Cow, USA

Talisker 10 Year & Caveman Blue: Cow, USA

Those enjoying the Caveman Blue found the pairing of Talisker 10 Year to be a delight as well, especially when they had the opportunity to spritz it on top of the cheese, changing up the profile even more. One guest even shared with me that her father had been wanting to introduce her to scotch but she simply didn't care for it. She told me that she was excited to tell her father she found a scotch she enjoyed!

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