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Showcasing your whiskey

To use or not use a decanter for your whiskey is a matter of personal preference.

While many believe using a decanter will "let the spirits mingle with the oxygen, and breathe, encouraging nuanced aromas to open up and bloom", some will argue that use could lead to the loss of the whiskey's characteristics.

Aesthetic Appeal Of course, aside from the desire for presentation when entertaining, one should be mindful of proper care. The decanter should be a lead-free crystal and the stopper air tight. While many of the antique decanters are beautiful, they should be used for display only as most of them contained lead. If you don't savor it regularly, check on it occasionally to ensure there is no mold build-up, dust, floaters, etc. in the event the seal has loosened over time or if you do use it more regularly that the seal isn't broken. Also be mindful that your decanter is not in direct sunlight as this could cause acceleration of oxidation.

Personalization and special occasions Decanters can often be customized and/or engraved, making them a special gift and addition to your collection. There are so many beautiful options for displaying your favorite spirits in various designs it is often hard to choose one that suits your style! My favorites, of course, are those that are gifted to me as it holds special meaning close to my heart, becoming an antique some day that not only has been passed down, but future generations will have stories to tell about all the various spirits it held and all the gatherings that were enjoyed with family and friends.

Cheers! And as always, enjoy responsibly

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