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Great love affairs start with a cocktail

August 2022, I had a wonderful day at The Ridgeland Mansion with La Rue Events at their Wedding Open House, pairing various Scotch, Ryes and Bourbons with the fabulous tasting menu provided by Joshua's Catering.

Couples and their families had the opportunity to taste craft spirits that may enhance their engagement party, rehearsal dinner and/or cocktail hour for their special day.

While they sipped, we had amazing conversations about bourbon and food pairing options, honeymoon planning coupled with stories and laughter. A fun way to connect one-on-one!

Catering & Events industry experts, open house events are the perfect way to pair a great love affair of food and cocktails. Awaken your clients' senses to a new adventure and a far-from-ordinary experience!

Click here and let Bourbon Eventure pair the spirits to enhance your open house, event, rehearsal dinner, reception cocktail hour and/or wedding party celebrations and gift idea

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