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Elite Whiskey & Food Pairing Source for Weddings and Special Events in the Greater Philadelphia

and surrounding areas 

Infusing creative flavor to elevate your next event


 As a Certified Bourbon Steward, I provide a "sip of knowledge" to guide your guests through the flavors and aromas of craft spirits alone or paired to compliment, contrast or elevate your menu for guests to savor the finest flavors in town.  

“An amazing and Professional Company!
Carol is a detail orientated creative partner that offers a delicious and fun experience
to our clients. She is recommended by us for any special or social event."

Jennifer Alvarado, Ridgeland Mansion/Joshua's Catering

What is a 

Whiskey Tasting


Tasting Experiences

A private  or public event where different types of whiskies are carefully selected based on your interests. The goal is to find combinations that are both educational and enjoyable for all.

Bourbon Eventure is a “dry” hire service

Once I have the details of your event, I collaborate with you to customize a tasting experience that best meets your interests and will provide spirit purchasing recommendations.

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What is a 

Whiskey Pairing


Cheese Pairing Event

Various whiskies each known for their unique characteristics and flavor profiles are selected and paired with different foods, including cheeses, chocolates, meats, seafood, or desserts.


Guests explore and taste the combinations,

learning about the nuances of each whiskey and

how it interacts with the flavors of the accompanying foods chosen to compliment, contrast or elevate each other.

How It Works

Alcoholic Drinks


Connect with Carol

Click below to tell me more about your event and schedule a complimentary consultation call.

Date of event

Type of event

Any additional services you desire



As each event is unique, services are tailored to match your specific needs and preferences, collaborating closely with you, bringing your ideas to life while infusing them with creativity

and innovation


Raise a glass!

Together let's raise the bar at your  event creating an unforgettable experience! 

Meet Carol Berger, your Certified Bourbon Steward

What is a Certified Bourbon Steward? It's similar to a Wine Sommelier, only with Whiskey!


Located in Bucks County, PA serving the Greater Philadelphia area and beyond, it is my goal to continuously learn, taste, educate and interview in the world of craft beverages⁠ to bring fun, creative and interactive experiences for all of your life's events


Join our community at the Greater Philadelphia Whiskey Community

PA RAMP Server Certified 

Maker's Mark Ambassador| Sagamore Spirits Whiskey Thief | Philadelphia Whiskey Society |

Roger Wilco Whiskey Club | Irish Whiskey Association 

Stave & Thief Society
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"Thank you for making the 'brown booze' approachable"

Guest, McAllister Brewing ~ Bourbon for Beer Lovers Event

Due to licensing requirements of most states, Bourbon Eventure is not allowed to supply (sell) alcohol
or obtain a liquor license for a mobile service.
This means Bourbon Eventure is a “dry” service for hire and will recommend the spirits for your event. I am, insured and certified to serve the spirits that you provide based on my recommendations for your event.

Bourbon Eventure You Tube

Whether you're seeking the perfect bottle

for a special occasion or simply looking

to expand your whiskey repertoire,

Bourbon Eventure is your go-to destination

for approachable, thoughtful,

entertaining, and informative

whiskey bottle reviews.

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