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Uncorking King Estate Winery

King Estate, a Willamette Valley Winery, located in Eugene, Oregon was founded in 1991 by the King Family rooted in sustainability as the "largest Biodynamic certified vineyard in North America".

Recently I promoted the Pinot Gris, Pinot Noir and the Pinot Noir Inscription. An equal amount of samples of all three were provided to eager wine and spirit store shoppers, most being familiar with Willamette Valley. Many found the Pinot Noir to be most preferred over the Inscription, finding it to be too tart. I on the other hand, found that I personally preferred the Inscription. While the Pinot Noir palate is said to consist of dark fruit such as blackberries, blueberries and dark cherries, I found it was more cherry forward with hints of citrus on the finish. Perhaps being a whiskey drinker, I rather liked the earthiness and strawberries on the palate of the Inscription. Many indicated they felt all three wines were "too young".

Being a foodie, I would love to try all three again with the suggested food pairings below:

Pinot Gris - Sushi, cheeses, fresh fruit, carbonara pasta

Pinot Noir Inscription - Roasted poultry, salmon, mushrooms

Pino Noir - Roasted turkey, mushrooms, pizza, gouda cheese



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